Charlies Diary

Dear diary, what are breath mints?

It’s me again, Charlie. I am so confused. 

Mom says I’m a smart boy. She says I’m learning so fast and in no time at all I will do all the stuff the other dogs can do. I already learned how to go up and down stairs. I learned monsters won’t eat me if I’m left alone in the back yard and I learned that sleeping in my crate is way better than being too hot or too cold or too “all up in moms face” in their bed. 

Plus I can pass gas all night if I want to and nobody gets up and flips on lights and wakes me up to go out. I like that most of all. I’m so glad I learned to sleep in my own space.  

I am worried though about this thing called puppy breath. Mom says it’s awful and won’t let me chew her face. She says I need a breath mint. 

I’ve checked everywhere! I looked under the rocks and in the grass and I even went out in the woods with Macy (my dog sister from another mister) … but I didn’t see any breath mints. Just one of other moms missing golf balls and a couple sticks. I’m keeping those. 

Macy said I should check inside Tiger, that’s my favorite cuddly toy. It wasn’t in there either. All I found was white fluff stuffing stuff. It was great fun looking and shredding but I didn’t find any breath mints.

I’m going to keep looking for these mint things. Apparently this puppy breath thing is a big problem. 

Love, Charlie age 10 weeks 

Charlies Diary

I found my bark! 

Dear Diary, 

I am so excited I might wee on the floor. I found my bark! 

Mom said I found it this morning when I wanted on the bed, before sunrise, and man is it true! 

I bark at the other dogs and I bark at the cats. I barked at a toad in the yard for 5 whole minutes and I barked at my stuffed leopard for even longer! Mom says I “bark at air” whatever that means.

The only time I don’t bark is when I need to go out. I just wait for the moms to notice I’m staring at them from the stairs silently waiting to be carried down. 

Well, gotta go! I think there might be leaves blowing around outside to bark at.

Love, Charlie 9 weeks old 

Charlies Diary

Flip flops taste like chicken 

Dear diary, 

Today mom was really mad. Like really, really mad. She’s mad alot. 

However, I did discover something new today. These rubbery things with chewy straps are delicious. One tasted like chicken, I think anyway, I don’t really know what chicken tastes like. The other tasted like moms foot and grass.  I left that one for my sister Macy. 

I can’t wait to taste all the other neat things my new family left on the floor! This place is super fun!

I noticed a basket with a bunch of things in the corner but I don’t bother that much. Seems like those might be other moms toys. She plays with them all the time and shows them to me. She brags alot about her thing called a “chewy bone” and her “squeak toy” … weird. 
Anyway that’s all for now. I need another nap. 

Love, Charlie. 9 weeks old. 

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Day 1: I’ve been adopted and I have 2 moms

Dear Diary,

Today I was adopted. It seems I have 2 moms and no dad. I was told I would be getting a new mom and dad. I am not sure how I feel about this. I cried the entire way home and still nobody mentioned a dad.

This is concerning.

I met the human children, a girl and a boy. I like them very much. The boy smells funny but he is nice to me. The girl seems to stay hidden much of the time but comes out to greet me on occasion.

I also met my new brother and sisters. I like them very but they don’t seem to care for me. I don’t understand why they dismiss my invitation to play. I will make it my mission to win them over no matter how much they growl. I will not be turned away.

I still don’t understand where my new dad is, I’m starting to think I am only getting moms. I shall cry as loud as possible all night just in case.

Love, Charlie Age 8 weeks