Charlies Diary

Dear diary, what are breath mints?

It’s me again, Charlie. I am so confused. 

Mom says I’m a smart boy. She says I’m learning so fast and in no time at all I will do all the stuff the other dogs can do. I already learned how to go up and down stairs. I learned monsters won’t eat me if I’m left alone in the back yard and I learned that sleeping in my crate is way better than being too hot or too cold or too “all up in moms face” in their bed. 

Plus I can pass gas all night if I want to and nobody gets up and flips on lights and wakes me up to go out. I like that most of all. I’m so glad I learned to sleep in my own space.  

I am worried though about this thing called puppy breath. Mom says it’s awful and won’t let me chew her face. She says I need a breath mint. 

I’ve checked everywhere! I looked under the rocks and in the grass and I even went out in the woods with Macy (my dog sister from another mister) … but I didn’t see any breath mints. Just one of other moms missing golf balls and a couple sticks. I’m keeping those. 

Macy said I should check inside Tiger, that’s my favorite cuddly toy. It wasn’t in there either. All I found was white fluff stuffing stuff. It was great fun looking and shredding but I didn’t find any breath mints.

I’m going to keep looking for these mint things. Apparently this puppy breath thing is a big problem. 

Love, Charlie age 10 weeks 

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