Charlies Diary

I found my bark! 

Dear Diary, 

I am so excited I might wee on the floor. I found my bark! 

Mom said I found it this morning when I wanted on the bed, before sunrise, and man is it true! 

I bark at the other dogs and I bark at the cats. I barked at a toad in the yard for 5 whole minutes and I barked at my stuffed leopard for even longer! Mom says I “bark at air” whatever that means.

The only time I don’t bark is when I need to go out. I just wait for the moms to notice I’m staring at them from the stairs silently waiting to be carried down. 

Well, gotta go! I think there might be leaves blowing around outside to bark at.

Love, Charlie 9 weeks old 

2 thoughts on “I found my bark! 

  1. Woohoo! Congratulations on finding your bark! Now, as a Puppy, it’s important to bark at every little thing. Humans are not nearly as observant as we Dogs–it’s your job to alert them to things they miss.

    Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella

    P.S. Your Humans may try to tell you that you’ll wear out your bark. That simply is not true. We’ve been barking for nearly 2 years now and practice only seems to make our barks louder and stronger.

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