Charlies Diary

Flip flops taste like chicken 

Dear diary, 

Today mom was really mad. Like really, really mad. She’s mad alot. 

However, I did discover something new today. These rubbery things with chewy straps are delicious. One tasted like chicken, I think anyway, I don’t really know what chicken tastes like. The other tasted like moms foot and grass.  I left that one for my sister Macy. 

I can’t wait to taste all the other neat things my new family left on the floor! This place is super fun!

I noticed a basket with a bunch of things in the corner but I don’t bother that much. Seems like those might be other moms toys. She plays with them all the time and shows them to me. She brags alot about her thing called a “chewy bone” and her “squeak toy” … weird. 
Anyway that’s all for now. I need another nap. 

Love, Charlie. 9 weeks old. 

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