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Day 1: I’ve been adopted and I have 2 moms

Dear Diary,

Today I was adopted. It seems I have 2 moms and no dad. I was told I would be getting a new mom and dad. I am not sure how I feel about this. I cried the entire way home and still nobody mentioned a dad.

This is concerning.

I met the human children, a girl and a boy. I like them very much. The boy smells funny but he is nice to me. The girl seems to stay hidden much of the time but comes out to greet me on occasion.

I also met my new brother and sisters. I like them very but they don’t seem to care for me. I don’t understand why they dismiss my invitation to play. I will make it my mission to win them over no matter how much they growl. I will not be turned away.

I still don’t understand where my new dad is, I’m starting to think I am only getting moms. I shall cry as loud as possible all night just in case.

Love, Charlie Age 8 weeks


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